How to buy lingerie – guide for men

buy lingerie

Most of us likes not only to receive gifts, but also to give. And what could be more romantic and intimate, than a gift of lingerie. In the following article with step by step instructions I’ll try to answer the question of how to buy lingerie as a gift for a loved one:

1. Choose a good shop

Buying in lingerie in shopping malls can sometimes be difficult for men, and sometimes we just feel uncomfortable, as well as selecting quickly under pressure, we can not hit our gift. For this reason it is best to buy lingerie in our shop, where you can browse, select and compare without any haste. Of course, buying online can’t be put off at the last minute – buy lingerie at least a 2 weeks in advance, to be sure, that it will be sent at a scheduled time.

2. Know the dimensions

In order to choose the right size, do a small investigation, possibly by looking at her wardrobe. Find out which lingerie best fits her and compare size on the tags. Of course, you should also keep in mind that every manufacturer store lingerie in various sizes which are also not standardized.

3. Select a style

Think about what both of you like, not just you. Lingerie comes in many different styles and cuts, it is made of different materials and may reveal more or less, so make sure you choose something that suits you both, and what will be comfortable for her. Avoid “risky” styles, like leather or PVC, and choose something classic, such as a romantic pink or white slip, especially if it’s your first purchase.

4. Take into account the her body type

If your wife or girlfriend is tall, then she will look good corset and garters. If she is average height and more rounded – select a nightgown that will nicely enhance her breasts. An interesting idea is also bodystocking, in which every woman look sexy, if it’s properly matched to her size. You can buy matching panties and stockings. And if you are both playful in the bedroom, choose a costume – a teacher, nurse, or flight attendant costume can provide you with a lot of laughter in the bedroom and will positive tune you to a very hot night.

5. Choose a color

Choice of a color is not difficult. Most women like red, white. You can also choose lingerie considering her hair color and skin complexion. Blondes look very good in bright pastel colors (such as beige, light blue, or pink) and look great in black. Red-haired looks good green, blue, or brown.

So – gentlemen! Don’t be afraid to buy lingerie to your beloved. Your other half will surely appreciate your efforts, and maybe she will gift you too with… equally hot present?

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