Beautiful Lingerie for Small Breasted Girls

Could you look beautiful and alluring, despite having small breasts? Of course you can! You’re as beautiful as women with larger chests, and it’s just only a matter of choosing right lingerie for yor figure. You can and should feel feminine, confident and sexy. While women who are slighlty lacking in curves might have to search a little harder to find the perfectly fitting lingerie, there are several dresing styles that can help visually enlarge, enhance and show off small busts. Here are some of our suggestion what you can wear to feel very confident about your chest. All lingerie which I’m presenting here is available from Aliexpress – my favourite store, where you can buy a lot of stuff for cheap, and totally free shipping to US or Europe. Aliexpress sellers are sending their clothes directly from China so they have those awesome prices. Check it yourself! Also, if you didn’t bought anything from them yet, you might find this shopping guide on Aliexpress useful.

Tank tops with supporting push-ups: Tank tops are accentuating your bare arms and are drawing attention to your neck, which begs to be kissed. Some of them have integrated push-up, possibly with bra pads, which enhances and raises your breasts. You’ll look very well endowed in such top, and they are comfortable too! Here are some perfect examples of such lingerie:

Tank Top

Sexy Lace Tank Top-Bralette, available in nice and soft white or black lace. I would say that it’s pretty and actually so much casual, that you can wear it everyday, not only as a lingerie. Only $2.53 with free shipping.


Black Lingerie Top, it’s very popular and it would nicely push your bust up, enhancing your sexy look. Only $6,53.

Babydolls: You can visually enhance your breast, when you cover it with interesting and cute looking details, as lace, ruffles, ribbons or faux fur. Properly chosen babydoll will cover your breasts nicely with lace, and you will look playfully in such dress.

babydoll for small bust

Classic white lace baby doll – with push-ups. You can’t go wrong with this romantic, classic model. Only $3,90 on Aliexpress and available in one size. Mine fits perfectly, though I’m not large girl.

classic babydoll

Another classic, girly babydoll – it looks romantic and fits perfectly on smaller sized-girls.


And slightly more timid babydoll – it looks and cute and it would look great on shy girl, who doesn’t want to reveal too much. About $8.

Exotic and original designs: You have great advantage over large breasted woman: your breasts will look beautiful in many different pieces of lingerie because they won’t be badly supported or even sagging. It will be easy for you to wear many interesting and original designs, such as this oriental-styled dress lingerie, which draws attention to your legs and thighs.

oriental lingerie

Another good example of this style is this one:

cheongsam lingerie

It’s only about $4, so much it’s really great price. I believe this style is called “cheongsam”, which is similar looking korean folk dress.
And remember, that your breasts are beautiful, even if somewhat smaller than average, so feel confident and sexy! Contrary to popular opinion, men love small breasts, and you should like it too. So choose lingerie in which you’ll feel good and don’t hide your bust, but rather show off what you got!

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