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Lace Lingerie on Aliexpress: For Romantic Girls

There is nothing sexier than lace underwear. Lace bras, subtle panties and romantic gowns are a known ingredient of seduction, alluring men for decades. Send a subtle signal here and there and charm your man easily by choosing Aliexpress lingerie. You no longer have to buy expensive lingerie in stores such as Intimissimi, Calzedonia or Tezenis that offer the same quality as bras and babydolls you will find on Aliexpress. Of course, virtually all available sets you can find on the popular Aliexpress are available with free delivery worldwide, at amazing prices, literally starting at 2 dollars. The delivery time on Aliexpress is often up to 60 days, but if you are not in a hurry, it’s worth stocking up these sexy sets. There are no men who can’t be seduced with a romantic lace and silk attire!

Discover the most interesting suggestions for sensual lace and silk for romantic evenings and see that you can look great bed, without paying a lot!

Aliexpress Lace Lingerie

lingerie romantic aliexpress lace

This romantic lingerie is one of the most popular lace sets available on Aliexpress, picked up by tens of thousands buyers. Available in classic black or white and very fashionable green (it goes well with darker complexions and black hair). Fits girl with bigger or smaller breasts – it’s pretty universal. Available in sizes S to XL for just $4.50 (currently on sale). Very soft and comfortable.

romantic aliexpress lingerie

This lingerie will ignite every man. Very delicate bra is made of soft and transparent material, emphasizing your shapes. The back reveals the back nicely, and matching panties are included. Available in black and white. Sizes S to XXXL, so you’ll definitely find one that fits you. Price? Only $5, of course with free delivery worldwide. That’s how much lingerie should cost!

lace aliexpress

…or maybe you are looking for something less provocative and humble, that you can wear every day? Choose this very comfortable set available in five subdued colors, in sizes 70A to 85B, from a well-known Chinese CINOON brand. The seller also offers coupons for purchases from $29 or $49, so it’s worth checking what else you can find in his store to use the discount. Fantastic quality and great design, with material that hugs the body for great comfort. You will feel awesome in this bra!

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This classic lingerie set consists of a lace bra, panties and a garter belt (stockings can be bought separately on Aliexpress). Excellent quality in relation to a very low price – only 18 zlotys. Customers in the comments compare it to Victoria’s Secret underwear – only it is about 30 times cheaper. A classic that should be included in every girl’s wardrobe, available in sizes S to XL, in black as well as in white.

gray lingerie

You can wear this set of underwear, bra and panties every day, and at the same time it is an extremely sensual set that will fire up every man. Available in six neutral colors and five sizes, it has no metal underwires, which makes it adapting to the body easily and it’s soft and comfortable. Soft cups give it a push-up effect. Our favorite colors are gray (pictured) and crimson red – just perfect for a date! Very good quality and great design, and the price is only about $5. You won’t find a better offer!


Romantic pink is always a great pick for girls in love, and why not emphasize your inner romantic with this very comfortable but sensual set with lace? This TERMEZY lingerie is very well made and has a metal underwire for stiffening the cups, with a double bra fastening. Panties are high-waisted and made of breathable material, so they are extremely comfortable. Available in two colors and shipping is generally fast for an Aliexpress. The lingerie is a bit more expensive at about $12, but in comparison with lingerie stores it is about five times cheaper. The quality is simply fantastic and the lingerie looks super luxurious!


Super hot lace bra with harness. This super hot bra will heat up your husband or boyfriend. Although it looks complicated to wear, in practice it is actually a normal bra, and the straps are made of soft and flexible material, and it won’t be discomfortable even after all day wearing. It looks especially good on girls with a larger breast size, and the available sizes are S to XL. The price is only 2 dollar, so it’s worth buying it.

aliexpres bra

Lingerie set for $5. This very sensual transparent set is available in sizes S to XXL and consists of a wide, lace bra and panties. Very original but romantic design and over 2,000 units sold make it an interesting choice for girls looking for something new. Available in black or white.

How to care for your lingerie: useful tips

If you have already bought lingerie from Aliexpress, it is worth taking care of it so that it serves as long as possible. Here are some tips that you should use in practice to enjoy the great quality and durability of your sexy gowns, bras and panties for a long time. When properly care, even delicate lace lingerie will look great for many years.

1. Wash on delicate setups

Sensual underwear washed in inappropriate programs will quickly wear out, so remember about proper washing liquid for delicate fabrics (it is better not to use powder detergent) and wash according to the temperature stated on the label. In general, it shouldn’t be more than 30 degrees Celsius, although materials such as silk should be washed even in cold water, by hand.

2. Sort underwear by color

Regardless of the manufacturer, virtually all clothes release dyes in the wash, especially the first time. This can tint your light colored underwear into other colors, so be sure to wash white separately, and sort the colors together. Hang the washed underwear evenly on the strings and do not squeeze them with clasps, which can damage delicate materials.

3. Store underwear properly

It’s worth organizing separate drawers only for panties, bras and sets, and arrange them carefully, folding first. Not only will it help you maintain a good condition of lingerie, but also it will be easier to choose the perfect set for any occasion. You can also put in your drawer scented bags or pouches with dried lavender, which you can grow on your own windowsill.

4. Handle stains properly

If you happen to stain a babydoll with wine (happens to anyone!), do not use detergents or stain removers at the beginning. Make it wet it ASAP, and a plain solution of warm soapy water can handle most fresh stains. Leave your underwear overnight in this solution, and then wash it the next day, at normal temperature. Only when the dirt won’t let go, you can use stain remover, but it’s best to use them gently so as not to discolor the fabric.

Wishing you romantic nights and lots of love!

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