How to prepare romantic dinner?

how to prepare romantic dinner

Romantic candlelight dinner at home is an icon of romantic dating, stimulating the senses and kindling love flames. What could be more fun than an evening spent with a loved one, with a tasty meal and a good wine? Are you nervous, however, that it won’t be perfectly arranged? In this guide we’ll help you prepare lovely and romantic dinner, in your home.

  • Good planning is essential. Spontaneous dating can be very nice, but if you want your date to be perfect and be sure that everything goes your way, then you need to plan it with every detail.
  • Write list of every thing you need to arrange perfect. In addition romantic menu ingredients, make sure that you have necessary candles, dishes and cutlery.
  • Prepare a romantic music, which you partner likes. You can find inspiration on Youtube, where you can find ready-made playlists for romantic encounters – just type “romantic dinner” in sarch box. If you still have no idea what to play, then you can choose this 1 hour long chillout:
  • Take care of the home decor and table setting. For a small table single rose in a glass vase is perfect, and for larger – a small bouquet of flowers is just as good.
  • The menu is very important, so meals should be stimulating to you and your partner. Choose meals which are not heavy and greasy. Too hearty meal, can cause fatigue and you do not want to make your partner fell asleep on a date! The meal should be tasty, but also good looking to stimulate all the senses.
  • Following dishes are examples of classic dating menu:
    – Mediterranean salad with feta and mozzarella cheese, and with tomato, lettuce, and olives,
    – Deep fried shrimp, with addition of curry,
    – Vegetarian risotto, pan-seared dish of rice and steamed vegetables,
    – Tenderloin pork, with a bouquet of colorful salads.
  • At the end of a dinner, serve a sweet dessert, such as chocolate cake. Chocolate is very tast and contains flavonoids and magnesium that stimulate the production of dopamine, which is hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure. For this reason, chocolate is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac!
  • As for drinks, red or pink wine is good – but it should not be only drink, because you don’t want to get drunk! A little alcohol can help to  relax the atmosphere, but too much will get you sleepy. In addition to wine, serve green tea or good coffe.
  • Of course, you should not forget to dress appropriate for this special occasion. Choose a dress whichever you and your partner will like,  and if the relationship is at stage where a romantic dinner can move to the bedroom, be sure to wear sensual underwear. You will find some interesting suggestions at our Paradise Kiss Lingerie shop.

So, we wish you good luck and romantic evening, and perhaps above all, breakfast in bed!

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