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Gay Lingerie: Sexy Outfit for Cute Men on Aliexpress

While modern China is characterized by pretty heavy censorship, they have nothing against selling gay accessories or outfit. In fact pretty much every sex toy or hot thongs you can get are made there. Let’s take a look at something else this time: gay accesories, sexy male outfits and more. Whether you like to dress up in bed, playing gay games or just feeling sexy there are plenty of gear you can find here.

There are literally thousands of items for males to pick from and importantly, most items are available with free shipping worldwide and at really good prices. Here are some of our selected outfits that you can wear to mens club or to ignite the passion in bed. Among many items you can find thongs, briefs, panties, rings and more – starting at literally two bucks.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong if you’re straight male and want to wear it for your lady – we actually love such sexy outfits!

Gay thongs and briefs

gay thongs

JOCKMAIL Briefs – This Jockmail brand seems like very popular, because almost all of these tight briefs have its logo. Anyway, they’re really inexpensive – just $3.98, sizes M to XXL and of course available with free shipping worldwide. Excellent pick for any man that likes to highlight his jewels 🙂 Average rating 4.8/5, so you can be sure that you’re picking quality underwear that you’ll be wearing comfortably. Available in black, white or gray.

gay striptease thong bachelorette

Police thongs for striptease – Whether you like to strip for your honey or maybe you’re a professional stripper that makes bachelorettes crazy, you gotta have these thongs. Pick from Navy, Marines, Police or Special Security and role-play sexy officer. Just $3 a pair with free delivery and on top of that, they’re made of cotton.

Other gay stuff and accessories

filler thong gay

Sponge enhancer for briefs – We don’t judge! After all, girls wear push-ups, so why not fill space in pants when you’re a man? Just be sure it won’t fall out from your pants, because it would be really embarassing! Anyway, it’s made from comfortable sponge and available in 3 colors – flesh, black or white. Just $1.5, with free shipping worldwide.


Lubricant – for oral and especially anal sex, it’s a must-have in four flavors. Water-based, so can be used with condoms. 80 ml volume and smells wonderful, with consistency that’s just right. See the reviews by yourself on the product page, as buyers looks like extremely happy (and horny :).

prostate massager

The most popular prostate massager on Aliexpress period. USB rechargeable, has internal battery, so no hassle with replacing cells. Features 10 modes to play Available in both Chinese and United States warehouse, so you can get it with faster shipping. According to comments, bag is labeled as a “Face massager”, so even deliveryman won’t know what’s inside. Fully waterproof and  It’s also totally silent and discreet.


Fox Tail Buttplug – If you’re a fan of Aliexpress fursuits and want to get some of the furry action, why not trying this kinky accessory. Available in six colors in different sizes. Tail is pleasant to the touch and fluffy. About $3 with free shipping and you won’t get it cheaper anywhere else.


aliexpress buttplug

Classic (and classy) butt plug – Available in 3 sizes – S to L and made from soft silicone. $2 to $3 with free shipping worldwide, so again, the price is unbeatable. Several hundred sold and buyers rate it very highly.

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