How to Care for Your Lingerie? Practical advice

We love our lingerie and we invest a lot of time in its selection. But how to take care of our lingerie? The following tutorial was created so that you won’t have to learn from your mistakes and be sure that it doesn’t end up in the trash. Apply these few simple tips and your favorite bras, nighties and corsets will be able to remain in excellent condition for a long time.

lingerie care

Well maintained lingerie will reward us with a soft touch and good look.

  • Read the tag

What is written on it? Clothing tags provides knowledge about the proper handling of the underwear. Pay particular attention to the information about methods of washing and cleaning – especially when handling very fine materials such as silk, which don’t like machine washing and high temperatures.

  •  What to do if there is no label?

Some of us juts cuts the tag, so it won’t irritate the skin. If that’s the case, wash laundry manually – in your hands, or choose lowest temperature program on your washer. Delicate laundry should be also put in a special bag, which will help to protect it against rapid spinning in the washing machine.

  • Don’t wash black with white

It’s obvious, but we sometimes forget about it. Colors, black and white, should be washed separately, using dedicated washing liquid or powder. Generally, the washing liquid detergents are lighter than those in powder, so a good rule of thumb is to use a powder detergent primarily to the white laundry. Some clothes may be labeled “Wash Separately” – it means that chemicals used to obtain vivid colors can also transfer to another piece of clothing, washed together, so it’s important to wash them alone.

  •  What about the nylon?

Nylon is synthetic fabric often used in a flexible, fitting underwear, and could be tricky to wash. You can wash it in the washing machine normally, on a delicate program. It’s also good to wash nylon lingerie in cotton bags.

  •  Be careful with silk

Silk underwear is nowadays rarely used, because it has been replaced by cheaper and stronger synthetic materials, such as spandex and nylon. However if you do have elegant silk lingerie, handle it with caution. Most washing machines have a program for washing silk, but it is best to wash the laundry manually with warm water and soft detergent – diluted washing-up liquid. Also, do not spray deodorants or perfumes directly on silk – they may contain chemicals that can react and even damage this delicate fabric.

  • Scents of spring meadows in dressing room

After washing and drying, your lingerie can be sprayed with delicate floral perfume or perfumed water, manufactured for use directly on clothing. You will enjoy fresh pleasant scent in your dressing room.

  •  Safety on the road

Turn attention to safely pack your lingerie when going for a trip. Secure your lingerie from crushing and squeezing by other heavy items in your bag.

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