Swimwear for your bodyshape – apple, hourglass or pear?

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Summer is coming very quick, and once again, it leaves us with a question: how the heck would I fit into this bikini? What kind of person would fit into this swimsuit? We all surely know, that you have done your jogging, eating vegetables or even regularly attending a gym. If you were excercising your body and still don’t fit neatly into your swimsuit, than it may mean, that main culprit is your body type! I’ll try to introduce basic body types, along with following photos for reference:

Body shape type - what swimwear

What is a pareo?

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The summer season is coming and it seems that this summer may be extraordinarily hot. And if you are planning a short trip or long vacation on the beach, you surely wondered how women on exotic pacific islands were coping with heat on sunny beaches? Native Tahitian tribes of Hawaii and Fiji invented special wraparound skirt, which they called pareu or pareo. Being a cheerful folk, tribe members adorn traditional pareo with colorful paintings of hibiscus flower, painted on cotton fabric. Traditional pareo was worn as a loincloth, rather than a dress (women of Tahiti went generally topless), but nowadays, pareos are covering torso, up to knees. Pareo is similar to sarong but main difference is in origin – sarong come from Indonesia
Modern pareos are equally colorful as their traditional counterpart, have floral designs, and are made to wear as a skirt, dress, or even one-shoulder mantle. Modern pareos are worn over beachwear or swimsuit, and apart from great cheerful patterns, which looks good on every type of figure and complexion, are protecting from sudden weather changes or wind. Pareo can be also be used blanket on a beach. In coming summer, pareos will surely be very trendy, so it’s very good to have one. If you are interested in beautiful and not too expensive pareos and beachwear, check swimwear section in our shop. Happy sunbathing!


Lupoline Pareo


Lupoline 14 pareo – beautiful pareo, made from transparent tulle

International lingerie sizing conversion guide

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It’s very easy to shop fashion online and to buy lingerie from our store. Various countries however, have different sizing standards. Most of our lingerie are sized in according to European Union EN 13402 standard, but not every manufacturer strictly adheres to this sizing. In order to help you buy best fitting lingerie, we created following conversion tables (in form of pretty infographic!). Check these tables, and use it as a guide. Happy  shopping!

Swimsuit trends 2013

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Everyone wants to look fashionable in a bathing suit. We have gathered here some interesting swimsuits suggestions for spring and summer 2013, which are dominated by colorful patterns and navy blue stripes. Here they are:

Giza Lupoline swimsuit in classic blue and white colors – white, with original fashionable finishes.

Lingerie for small breasts

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Could you look beautiful and alluring, despite having small breasts? Of course you can! You’re as beautiful as  women with larger chests, and it’s just only a matter of choosing right lingerie for yor figure. You can, and should feel feminine, confident and sexy. While women who are slighlty lacking in curves might have to search a little harder to find the perfectly fitting lingerie, there are several dresing styles that can help visually enlarge, enhance and show off small busts. Here are some of our suggestion what you can wear to feel very confident about your chest:

Tank tops with supporting push-ups: Tank tops are accentuating your bare arms and are drawing attention to your neck, which begs to be kissed. Some of them have integrated push-up, possibly with bra pads, which enhances and raises your breasts. You’ll look very well endowed in such top, and they are comfortable too! Perfect example of such lingerie are Carine Tank Top, available in very feminine juicy red.

Carine 2 top for small breasts

How to buy lingerie without spending too much

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How to buy lingerie cheap and without spending too much

You can easily buy lingerie without spending too much!

We surely like to buy, and buying our favorite nighttime underwear can be even better when we can get it at affordable prices! Our store offers lingerie at prices lower than many online stores, and that’s not all. We also offer discounts, bargains, and other methods to reduce prices. This article is a guide to the many possibilities of buying great and beautiful lingerie with discounts. So what can be done to save even more?

Lingerie colour may reveal what kind of lover you are

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Pink or white, what is your type?

When you choose lingerie for yourself, think for a moment, what colors do you like the most. Research done by sychologists have shown that the color of underwear can reveal what kind of lover you can be. Conducted surveys indicate that 72% of women now choose to tan, toned and nude colors, instead of the classic black and white. American psychologist Donna Dawson creates the following color map sets:

Sensual black lingerie by Anais

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Anais is a widely known european manufacturer of intimate lingerie, primarily know from sensual, fiercely hot and erotic chemises. Anais offers sensualy cut black classic dresses, that will help you feel elegant and attractive. Below are few of these very sexy nighties that will help you ignite fire in your bedroom.

Affection – elegant combination of satin and lace. Decorative fasteners allow attaching stockings to this sensual dress.