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How to Care for Your Lingerie? Practical advice

lingerie care

We love our lingerie and we invest a lot of time in its selection. But how to take care of our lingerie? The following tutorial was created so that you won’t have to learn from your mistakes and be sure that it doesn’t end up in the trash. Apply these few simple tips and your favorite bras, nighties and corsets ... Read more »

How to prepare romantic dinner?

how to prepare romantic dinner

Romantic candlelight dinner at home is an icon of romantic dating, stimulating the senses and kindling love flames. What could be more fun than an evening spent with a loved one, with a tasty meal and a good wine? Are you nervous, however, that it won’t be perfectly arranged? In this guide we’ll help you prepare lovely and romantic dinner, ... Read more »

Beautiful Lingerie for Small Breasted Girls

classic babydoll

Could you look beautiful and alluring, despite having small breasts? Of course you can! You’re as beautiful as women with larger chests, and it’s just only a matter of choosing right lingerie for yor figure. You can and should feel feminine, confident and sexy. While women who are slighlty lacking in curves might have to search a little harder to ... Read more »

How to buy lingerie – guide for men

buy lingerie

Most of us likes not only to receive gifts, but also to give. And what could be more romantic and intimate, than a gift of lingerie. In the following article with step by step instructions I’ll try to answer the question of how to buy lingerie as a gift for a loved one: 1. Choose a good shop Buying in ... Read more »