Aliexpress Swimsuits: Look Great on the Beach

Summer is approaching fast, so now is the best time to buy a colorful swimsuit matching your style, personality and body from Aliexpress. There are literally thousands of different suits there, many of them really top quality available for a fraction of the price comparing to online store like Amazon or from mall stores. In this article we will show you the best deals on swimsuits, popular models chosen by girls from around the world. The following swimsuits come from tried and proven sellers from Aliexpress and are adapted to the European and US sizes – there are no Asian one size suits. Take a look at our guide on how to choose swimsuits and discover best deals.

So, we invite you to our review and see for yourself what you can get from China at great prices and with excellent selection.

Most popular swimsuits on Aliexpress

The most popular swimsuit on Aliexpress: this super popular set comes in dozens of variations and the photos you see above are just a few of them. Currently available in sizes S to L, and the largest of these suits should fit girls with more curvy shapes. Almost 10,000 have been sold and two thousand positive reviews confirm the high quality of these costumes. Among the more than 40 styles available, you’ll definitely find a matching costume. Of course available with free shipping worldwide.

Two-piece Riseado costume. Made of high quality spandex-style material, which is durable and flexible, but does not shine when stretched. The top has a metal clasp on the back and a lace around the neck. The cups even have a small pushup that raises and enlarges the bust a bit. A super comfortable swimsuit that you can wear for the entire day at the beach. Available in several colors, including great-looking red, that certainly attracts attention. The ZTVitality store in which you will find these swimsuits, is one of the most popular sellers on Aliexpress and we suggest seeing more products from its offer.


Swimall 2020 costumes for $8.99. They are intended for small or medium-sized breasts, displaying bust and lifting it a bit, although it also depends on the variant you pick- because there are 20 of them in total here. Girls with larger breasts say that a bra may be too tight for them, so it’s good to know that. Great, vivid, almost fluorescent colors and excellent quality. Interestingly, this seller guarantees free returns at his expense, so even if you don’t like the size, you can send it back without any problems. The seller sends quite quickly and the order should reach your destination even in less than two weeks.

Agrechoice swimsuits – around $12. A very large selection, appreciated by thousands of Aliexpress customers. Available in international sizes S to L, and therefore adapted to larger sizes other than Asian. They fit perfectly and are made of slightly elastic fabric. Currently, you can buy these swimsuit cheaper with the VVAHTRKWL3KT code, providing a small 3% discount, and in addition, when you buy for at least $25, you will pay $1. So pick up 3 of them, to get the full discount.

Ashgaily swimsuit with frills. This is a real hit for this summer, and you’re getting not only the top, but also a patterned beach skirt. It’s a kind of suit that you can wear beach bar to drink something cool and refresh and it goes well with large hats. The price is just over $12 and it is a very original and fashionable element of any beach outfit. These trendy summer holiday outfits are available in various variants, so be sure to check them all.

Tyakkve bikini for just $11. Classic style, with comfortable large panties and a nice bra. Perfect for splashing in the water. Many different designs and versions and they look exactly like on the pictures. A good choice if you’re not sure which Aliexpress swimsuit pick and of course sent with free shipping.

High-waisted wide bikini. This ultra comfortable swimsuit has high-waisted panties that will help you hide imperfections of your figure and ensure a very comfortable rest on the beach. Strapless bandeau top nicely emphasizes bust. A very fashionable choice for this season. Available in sizes S to XL, and we have many colors to choose from. In addition to our pick of black and yellow, you can also opt for more neon-ish colors. Only $11 and of course with free delivery worldwide.

Canis Bikini for $6 with free delivery. Available in sizes S – L, made of 100% cotton. Skimpy, but sexy panties. This swimsuit is designed for slim girls who have problems with finding proper suit for their figure (being thin isn’t always easy!). Will look great on any skinny girl.

How to choose a swimsuit on Aliexpress?

  • Pay attention to the price compared to delivery costs: Over ninety-five percent of the beachwear you find on Aliexpress is available with free delivery worldwide, but some sellers add low shipping costs. In addition, it is worth remembering that some products are available from local warehouses outside China, in US, Brazil or France. Information about warehouses can be found next to the price on the product page. It is also worth taking advantage of promotions such as $2 for setting up a new account or other discounts, which Aliexpress occasionally introduces on various holidays.
  • Check available sizes: In the past, clothing from China were often sold only as “One Size”, but nowadat it is rather rare. Virtually all swimsuits that you will find on Aliexpress have standard sizing (S to XL). To make sure swimsuit is actually delivered in the right size, you can also look at comments in which customers often remark whether the swimsuit fits, and even present their original photos.
  • Browse comments: Choose clothes only from reliable sellers with ratings above 96%. This guarantees fast shipping and good quality products, and most often great customer service. Swimsuit selected above are tried and have a large number of positive reviews.

What swimsuits can you find on Aliexpress?

On Aliexpress you can catch a lot of great deals, and here are the most interesting trends from this season can be found there.

  • Floral patterns: This style is always fashionable and goes well with the colorful bolero or large beach hat. Often chosen by women in their thirties, the style of a floral bathing suit introduces a lot of joy and fun to beachwear.
  • Fringes and frills: You will look frivolous and cheerful in them, playing with casual retro style and enjoying original cuts.
  • One-piece costumes: Very comfortable and practical, designed for women who prefer this type of beachwear.
  • With a striped pattern: Sailor style fits any figure, and it slims optically. It’s also pretty elegant, which means you’ll look stylish.

Almost all swimsuits on Aliexpress are available with free delivery, which means great savings, especially when compared typical online stores in full season.